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TV Wall Mount Details

SIZE: 14″ – 100″

FUNCTION: Flush, Tilt, Adjustable with Arm, Ceiling Mount, Recessed

Distance from Wall: 25mm (Flush Mount) to 68mm (Tilt Mount)


        • Cables hidden inside wall
        • TV Tuning Included
        • Height Satisfaction Guarantee
        • 10 Year Stability Guarantee


tv wall mount articultated

Make The TV a Feature in Your Home!

tv wall mount

Articulated TV Wall Mounts give flexibility!

We want to ensure your television is mounted at the right height and position to suit you and your family. We can install the television with the bracket you already have, or supply any type of bracket to suit your TV.

TV Wall Mount Services range from $165.00 – $385.00. Call now to discuss your needs on 1800 588 688 or Click Here to Book Online

How do I stop my Digital TV Reception from breaking up?

Call us for quality digital TV antennas guaranteed 1800 588 688 or Click Here for more information.

digital tv reception

Bring your TV to life!

Digital TV Reception

If you are watching digital television and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t that may mean your signals just aren’t quite high enough. Don’t panic! It may be something simple, or it may be that your antenna system is either old or ‘analogue’.

What Can i do about it?

Have one of our local technicians come and inspect your antenna system. We will find out if it’s something simple (which we can fix straight away and get you back up and running) or something more complex (we will still have all the parts there, if your happy with our quote, you’ll be happy watching television that same night!).

How much does it cost?

It depends what the problem is, a simple fix will just be a service call and this will include retuning. If you do need a new digital TV antenna, or a digital booster, we have both economic products (made overseas; available for a great price) or Australian Made products (worth the extra and comes with 5-years hassle free warranty!).

So how do I book?

Simply call our office on 1800 588 688, you’ll always have one of our team answering the phone, and we are here to help. Or Click Here to book online; choose the time and day that suit you best and we will be there.

Old Analogue TV

Snowy analogue TV

Why is it only just breaking up now?

Television Antennas last for years and years usually, however it’s not unusual that they will just stop working completely all of a sudden, or gradually get worse over time. It just depends what quality the equipment was originally. Digital television works differently then the old analogue system. With digital TV you either have enough signal and you get a beautiful picture… or it’s a bit weak and you see problems (whereas with analogue, the picture gradually got worse over time).

HD digital TV

HD DIgital TV

Digital TV Reception

When the weather is good, when the wind is not blowing you will find that digital TV reception works a lot better. For most people when they have a problem is at 6pm when they are trying to watch the news, this is due to the temperature change from day to night. All this means is that your television signal is too low, it’s too close to the cut-off level and this is why it fluctuates from good to bad. The good news is that it can be fixed!

 Call Now

Call Brocky’s TV today and let us get your digital television working with good quality digital TV reception. We are local, we know the area and how to get the best signal. and you can rest assured we’ve used high quality parts because we back it with an unequaled 5-year warranty. We will fix your TV reception guaranteed.   Call us for quality digital TV antennas guaranteed 1800 588 688 or Click Here for more information.

5 Year Warranty on TV Antenna Systems

Why 5 years?

We’ve been using the same Australian Made products since we started business, and have found these products to last and last. It’s our belief that if you are spending money on an Tv antenna or booster upgrade, your should receive a guarantee that it will benefit your house for the long term.

But it’s a basic warranty right?

No. This warranty is a complete assurance that your product will last for at least 5 years (we expect much longer!).

We will cover your product even if it is damaged by external forces such as storms/wind or weather, rust damage and surges in power (or brown-outs). We guarantee you won’t need to replace this Tv antenna at your own cost for at least 5 years, and even if the signals from the transmitters change; yes we will update your Tv antenna to keep to our guarantee.

Is only the Tv antenna covered?

It’s on everything we supply. That means it covers the Tv Antenna, Tv booster, splitter, fittings or cable. Anything we supply is covered; even the small things.

Better yet, if yours is a new home antenna system, or if we have replaced the whole system, we will give a guarantee on the reception itself! That means we guarantee that you will have enough signal, as well as the parts themselves.

What happens if something goes wrong?

First thing to do is call us and describe the problem. If you have our 5 year warranty, we will send our technician out to your house free of charge to analyse the problem. If he discovers the problem is due to a fault of our products, it will be replaced, and your system will be back up and running that same day.

If he finds it’s another fault unrelated to what we installed We still won’t charge you! But we are here to help, so we can quote on the best way to fix the problem (whether it’s a new Tv, recorder, etc) and we will follow through to make sure your system is back working again as soon as possible.

Why is this sort of warranty exclusive to Brocky’s TV?

We’ve gone out of our way years ago to make this our focus. We buy Australian Made Tv antennas and boosters because they last the longest, and we are supporting our local industry. Our workmanship is very high, and this quality of installation contributes to the low fault rate. We are prepared for the long term, and we will still be here to assist you in the future.

You trust our technicians’ knowledge on the best way to fix the reception, and we believe you should be able to trust the products they are installing with the same confidence. Our 5-year labour inclusive warranty is our promise to our clients; We will fix your digital TV reception guaranteed!

1800 588 688 or click here for more information

5 year warranty antenna

5 year warranty for peace of mind

How to Ensure Long Lasting Digital TV Reception

digital tv reception

Ensure Your Digital Television Antenna Will Last

Are you frustrated by digital television pixelation?

Old analogue TV used to give a bad picture, that’s true, but poor quality digital TV reception is downright annoying and often unwatchable.

But with the range of new large flatpanel televisions, it’s important to have a good quality antenna system, that will feed digital signals throughout your house; digital signals that won’t break-up or show interference.

Are you experiencing poor quality didital television? Call us now on 1800 588 688 or click Here to book online.

Digital Television Reception Pixelation & Break-ups

Digital Television often gets a bad wrap, but most of this comes from misinformation. Whereas in the past analogue Tv pictures were dependent on the signal level (the better the signal the better the picture, and the picture slowly gets worse as the signal deteriorates), Digital TV isn’t like that at all.

Digital television reception has a cut-off level, and it’s only about a third of the way up the spectrum. What happens is TV signals fluctuate, and so if you are too close to that cut-off level, it will work sometimes, but as the weather (or more commonly the change in temperature when day changes to night around 6pm) your signal drops slightly, and this puts you on or below the cut-off level, and you experience pixelation.

Also important to note that each channel is broadcast separately and using their own equipment; the reason only some channels may pixelate and not others.

What this means to your house is that a full new antenna system and cable and booster may not be required, as you may only need a slight increase in signal to push you enough above the cut-off level that you don’t see break-up.

Digital Television Antenna

At Brocky’s TV we explain the why about digital tv reception, as well as provide guaranteed solutions. We give a 5-year labour inclusive warranty, so if you do need to upgrade your digital television antenna system, you will have peace of mind that it will last.