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TV Wall Mount

TV Wall Mount Details SIZE: 14″ – 100″ FUNCTION: Flush, Tilt, Adjustable with Arm, Ceiling Mount, Recessed Distance from Wall:…

How do I stop my Digital TV Reception from breaking up?

Call us for quality digital TV antennas guaranteed 1800 588 688 or Click Here for more information. Digital TV Reception…

5 Year Warranty on TV Antenna Systems

Why 5 years? We’ve been using the same Australian Made products since we started business, and have found these products…

How to Ensure Long Lasting Digital TV Reception

Are you frustrated by digital television pixelation? Old analogue TV used to give a bad picture, that’s true, but poor…

Digital Television Reception Pixelation & Break-ups

Digital Television often gets a bad wrap, but most of this comes from misinformation. Whereas in the past analogue Tv pictures…
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