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No more TV frustration. Just simple, easy to use TV

Are you frustrated with complicated setups and tangled wires? Discover the ease of professional TV installation with Brocky's TV. We focus on 

Trusted Since 2006: Your Go-To Experts for TV & Internet

TV Reception: Fixed once, fixed properly

With our TV Reception service, we guarantee a clear signal—fixed once, fixed properly, no exceptions. You'll enjoy clear local channels that work every time and no pixilation or break-up. Call 1800 588 688 or Click Here to book online

Simplifiy your TV Setup

Not feeling very Tech-Savvy? We can help make it easy to use. We simplify the TV system first by moving things around and making it logical for you. Then we make sure it's all logged in and working. Then we show you how to use it and write it down so you can refer to it later. We understand how tricky it is, and make it simple. Book Online now and we'll visit your home. 

Never worry about WiFi again.

Perfect Fast WiFi from one end of the house to the other, that's what we do. Unlike Laptops and phones, TVs are fickle things and need the best WiFi. That's why for the last 10 years Brocky's TV solve WiFi issues better than anyone else on the coast. For up to 160 devices in a home, all working flawlessly. Call 1800 588 688 or click here to learn more about WiFi Extenders. 

TV Mounting: At the right height and tidy with cables hidden

Experience the perfect view with our TV Mounting service, ensuring your screen is at the ideal height and all cables are neatly hidden away. 

Picture your TV, up on the wall, with no cables visible. The TV is at the right height for your sitting position, and is setup correctly. Think of having photo frames on your TV cabinet instead of a large screen. 

Click Here: Learn more about TV mounting

Get the right advice on new TVs

Confused about the wide range of TVs and not sure which information to listen to? Don't be afraid of buying the wrong TV, instead talk to Brocky's TV first, as we guarantee you'll enjoy the TV we sell, or else we'll replace it. Our prices are the most competitive, but it's not about price; it's about you getting the absolute right model for your budget, and for your home. 

Get your free copy of the E-Book: THE ULTIMATE TV BUYING GUIDE by Brock Aspland by clicking submit below

Thank You, we'll be in touch soon so you can understand better the TV market and what TV will suit you. If you have any questions call us 1800 588 688 to discuss further.

Re-gain Access to Netflix and other accounts

If your passwords are not in order, not recorded or written down or if you cannot access your accounts, we can help. We sort out the different logins and passwords you use and put them in order for you to understand better. We can even unlock accounts you've lost access to. Call 1800 588 688 to learn more. 

Since 2006, Brocky's TV has been the trusted expert on the Sunshine Coast for impeccable TV installation, home theatre setup, and robust WiFi solutions. We ensure perfection from TV mounting to smart TV setups and reliable WiFi coverage in every corner of your home. Ready to elevate your entertainment experience? Ready to Stop TV pixelation and get the best picture now?  Contact us today and join the community of satisfied customers who trust us to get the job done right. Call 1800 588 688 or Click Here to ask questions online

Sunshine Coast: The Brocky's TV Story

A Humble Beginning

In 2006, Brocky's TV started as a small, passionate endeavor aimed at solving the common frustrations homeowners faced with their entertainment systems.


From the back of a single service van, our founder hit the roads of the Sunshine Coast, armed with a deep knowledge of electronics and a commitment to customer service.


This dedication to solving real-world problems laid the foundation for what would become a hallmark of quality and reliability in the community.

Expanding Our Expertise

Over the years, Brocky's TV has grown not just in size but in scope. As technology evolved, so did our services, expanding to include cutting-edge solutions for WiFi connectivity, electrical and smart home technology.


We've grown our team of experts as well, hiring employees and not contractors. Continuously trained in the latest advancements, we all ensure that we remain at the forefront of installation and technology advancements.



A Trusted Community Partner

Today, Brocky's TV is more than just a service provider; we are a trusted partner in the Sunshine Coast community.


Our commitment to excellence has earned us a loyal customer base that relies on us for all their TV and home entertainment needs.


We pride ourselves on our 100% satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that every installation and service call not only meets but exceeds our customers' expectations.


Our story is one of unwavering commitment to the community we serve.

Brocky's TV Team
Brocky's TV van and shop

Our Mission

At Brocky's TV, our mission is to help intelligent, yet non tech-savvy people to better enjoy their television and electronics. We are committed to providing expert, reliable service with a personal touch, ensuring every customer enjoys a seamless, enjoyable technology experience in their home. We stand behind our work with a guarantee of satisfaction, because your peace of mind is our top priority.

The Ultimate TV Buying Guide - Get your free copy of the E-Book written by Brock Aspland.

In the market for a new TV now or in the near future? This TV buying guide is your answer to navigating the different brands and models available to purchase. 

Written with a goal to increase your understanding of the differences between brands, and based on years of experience actually installing the televisions and handling customer satisfaction based on the TVs purchased, this guide is indepth. 

Download your free copy of the Ultimate TV Buying Guide: E-Book written by Brock Aspland
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Smart TV Installation

Can I Tune My Own New TV?

Not if you want to get the most out of it.

You might get a picture on the screen, get a channel tuned in. But is that what you paid all that money for? Getting a professional to install your new TV is the wise move. 

Some installers just put the legs on and autotune; avoid these installers. You can nearly do that yourself for free. 

If you are wanting the TV installed fully, ask for TV Installation with Training on how to use. That's the key. We don't autotune, we manually tune the correct frequencies, add the correct apps in the correct place and help you log in. 

There is a dozen settings we adjust in the menus to make your experience easy and enjoyable. Years of experience gives you the best TV possible. Click Here to book your TV installation now.


Professional TV Mounting

Don't let your TV be the one that falls

Having to fix TVs that fall off the wall due to poor installation is the worst part of our job. It should never happen but unfortunately it does every year. 

Choose an installer with a guarantee when you mount your TV. We use the best brackets that are tested to double the rate they are rated for. We mount TVs into studs and brick and don't take risks. 

We can use the brackets you've purchased, or provide strong brackets during installation. We hide the cables and can mount soundbars below the TV as well. Get the tidy, sleek look now. 

TV Mounting
WiFi TV Streaming

No WiFi Dropouts.. Ever

WiFi is the biggest complaint in television use today. Streaming that buffers (spinning wheel) or drops out completely ruins entertainment time. 

The frustration is real, but it doesn't have to be. We fix WiFi by reprogramming the equipment you have now, or supplying new Mesh Network extending technology. Technical to install, but easy to rely on. 

Brocky's have taken over from laptop and phone guys, as TVs are more fickle and need a better signal. We understand TVs and guarantee our WiFi for 3 years with off-site support included. 

fix wifi

Mark Lee

"Exceptional service! They not only installed our new TV but also reconfigured our entire network to ensure the best possible streaming quality."

Tom Richards

"Their customized approach to our unique living space was impressive. They managed to fit the TV in a tricky spot without compromising on functionality or style."

mounted tv

Julia Banks

"Brocky's TV provided an in-depth review of our current setup and suggested significant improvements that have enhanced our viewing parties. Highly recommend their consultative service!"

Brocky's TV 5 Star Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in TV wall mounting, smart TV setup, TV antennas, home theatre installation, electrical and comprehensive WiFi solutions.

Our services are designed to enhance your home and to easily connect you to a seamless and enjoyable experience.

How does the TV wall mounting service work?

Our expert technicians will come to your home, determine the perfect height for your TV, and securely mount it on the wall. We handle everything from bracket installation to cable management, ensuring a clean and professional setup without any visible wires.

Call for pricing, which is based on the size of the TV, the type of bracket and the amount of setup required. 1800 588 688

Can Brocky's TV stop my WiFi from dropping out? How does this work?

We offer both in-person and online tutoring options, allowing students to choose the format that best suits their needs and preferences. Our online tutoring is conducted via a secure and user-friendly platform for a seamless learning experience.

What is the process for matching students with tutors?

After an initial consultation, we match students with tutors who are best suited to their specific needs and learning goals. Our goal is to create a personalized and effective learning experience for every student.

My Issue Is Unique or I Have Multiple Issues

It's always been what sets Brocky's TV apart from other companies, in that we can do each part of the TV system. The same technician in your home can fix the antenna, fix the WiFi, Wall Mount the television, Install the smart TV apps (and if you ask beforehand, we even have 2 fully qualified electricians on the team who can do electrical as well as all the other tasks). 

We are a complete TV solution, solving any frustration you have. Call today to find out more 1800 588 688.

More from our happy customers

"The wall mounting service was quick and seamless. Loved how tidy everything looked with no visible wires!" -Jennifer Smith

"Thanks to Brocky’s TV, our home theater now feels like a real cinema. The sound setup is just phenomenal!" -Michael Brown

"Really appreciate the detailed tutorial on using our new smart TV. It was much needed!" -Linda Johnson

"The WiFi extension to our backyard has made outdoor movie nights a hit. Great signal strength even outside!" -David Wilson

"Impressed by the timely and efficient service when our TV screen went blank. The quick repair saved our movie night!" -Karen Martinez

"I wasn't sure which TV to buy, but the consultation helped me choose the perfect model for our living room." -Robert Anderson

"The installation of multiple TVs in our office was handled professionally. Each conference room now has a great setup." -Emily Thomas

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