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Universal Remote Control

Harmony Touch All Control

Finally a modern remote control that makes watching television easy!


Intuitive touch screen

Enjoy fluid, one-touch interaction with a vibrant, color touch screen that allows you to quickly swipe and scroll to your favorite entertainment options. TV channels, movies, games, music—all with one touch.

Sleek, streamlined design

The sculpted, ergonomic shape and streamlined button layout is a study in form and function. Cradle the gentle curve in the palm of your hand and you’ll see what we mean. An added benefit: the sleek and minimalist design enhances the look of any living space. It’s as easy on the eyes as it is to use.

Tv Channels
Tv Channel Icons

Customizable channel icons

Say goodbye to lengthy menu scrolling and channel number memorization. With 50 easy-to-customize channel icons**, you and your family can access all of your favorite channels with a simple tap. Just select and save your favorite channel icons from a list on on to your universal remote or create unique favorite icons using your own personalized images.


Rethink your remote.

There was a time when your standard remote was enough. Today, home entertainment is anything but standard. There are more devices, more channels and more options than you could ever have imagined. That’s why Logitech is rethinking the universal remote with the Harmony Touch.


Touch Screen buttons
Touch Screen buttons

Number pad access on touch screen

We further simplified Harmony Touch Universal Remote Control by moving the number pad to where it should be: the highly versatile touch pad. This clears the way for comfort as well as a more attractive device.



Rechargeable Batteries
Harmony Touch Charging Dock




Rechargeable Universal Remote

Your remote recharges in the included charging station. Always within arm’s reach, you’ll never have to search for your remote—or batteries—ever again.



Harmony Touch Remote Dimensions
Harmony touch size


Shortcut set up for Harmony One users

We know you’ve had your previous Harmony One setup professionally. and now It’s simple to upgrade to Harmony Touch With a few clicks, you can apply the device and activity settings from your Harmony One to your Harmony Touch and shortcut the setup process.  Jump start your Harmony Touch experience!


Works with virtually any device – today and tomorrow

Introducing your instant universal remote control consolidator. Harmony Touch controls up to 15 devices and is compatible with over 225,000 home entertainment devices and over 5,000 brands.

All Control Remote
Harmony All Control Remote


Call Us, 1800 588 688 and we will supply and install the best universal remote you could imagine. It will work on your Tv, and satisfaction is guaranteed!

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