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Brocky’s TV have the televisions and the advice to make your Christmas special. Read on for our TV buying guide now and see the specials at the bottom of the page.

“Recently purchased a new Samsung 4 k 55″ curved screen TV from Brockys. A very pleasant experience. We would not of been able to set up the new TV effectively without the expert help from Brockys TV. ”  -Colin (Parrearra)

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TV Buying Guide

When buying a new television, there are a few things that need to be considered:

  1. What size will suit the room (or what size do you want)
  2. What level of quality do you prefer Vs How much do you want to spend
  3. How easy is the TV to usetv buying guide

Firstly, the size of the television is subject to personal preference. There is no right or wrong answer. I suggest you look at the TV you are going to replace, and take a measurement of the whole TV (including the frame!) and use this as a guideline as to whether you stay the same size, go bigger or smaller.

The new televisions have very small (usually only 1cm) edges and so it’s important you take this into account and at least get a new TV the same size as the current one overall. 

For more information about TV size vs distance with calculation table – Click Here.

tv viewing distance

TV Buying Guide – Quality vs Budget

Next on our list is the big question of how much we want to spend, balanced against the product we actually want. 

Often I see a mistake with somebody going too big for their budget. This means they choose a larger size screen, but balance this by choosing a lower quailty television and this is the worse thing anyone can do. 

As you go bigger, you should be prepared to consider the higher tier levels of television (for example, in the 55″ Samsung range, they have series 6.2, 6.4, 7, 8 & 9 and wherein the series 7 and above are recommended for premium picture).

More importantly is to choose a brand that can handle the larger TV size. For example even a low level series J6200 Samsung will be a better product in all ways than a 4K top of the range Aldi brand TV. Stick with the brand names and if you need a cheaper option, Philips TVs have a 3 year commercial warranty as well as a cheap price.

Brocky's TV Sales

Choosing the TV

Set the budget you want to spend. Be sure to take into account a decent installation service and possible cables/surge protection may need to be upgraded to suit digital).

  • Then if size is most important, choose the size you want first and look towards the Samsung TV models to suit the budget and buy the highest tier within that set limit. (Samsung TVs are affordable, have new research in their 2015 models and are easy to use; they also have excellent quality even in their lower tier levels)
  • However if quality is what is important, choose the quality brand and quality tier first, and then get the size that fits the budget. This way you will get the picture quality that is important to you, no matter the size or the budget. In this situation you will be looking towards either the Sony TV models, or the Series 7-9.5  Samsung.

By choosing one of the above options, you will know better what is important to you, and how to use your budget wisely. Some of us don’t have the luxury of just buying the biggest and the best after-all!

tv buying guide

“This year, Panasonic and LG have brought nothing new to the table from last year. They have their advantages however the Sony and the Samsung are leading the way with picture quality technology (such as the SUHD), features and easy of use.

I find the LG TVs the most difficult to train my clients how to use (especially the Smart LG TVs), even if the client doesn’t want to use the Smart features they are still very annoying and illogical to both myself and a lot of clients.

The Panasonic TVs are good for those who currently have had Panasonic as the remote and functionality has stayed consistent over the past 6 years and so there will be little to learn. I find them a little overpriced for the level of quality offered, however they are a decent television and very suitable for fans of Panasonic.

The above is just my opinion, but myself training clients how to use the equipment, and being frustrated with illogical functionality is what has led me to recommend more Samsung and Sony TVs over the past 18 months than any other brand,. This also allows me to offer a 7 day satisfaction guarantee because of this confidence I have in the products.

-Brock Aspland

TV Buying Guide – Ease of Use

Lastly, and for some the most important part is how do we use this new and exciting piece of equipment! Will we be able to access all the features, or will it drive us mad?

As you may have heard me say previously, a Smart TV is just a normal television everyday of the week, and if you don’t press the Smart Button, it stays that way.  So for those of you looking for just a simple to use television, buy the quality tier level you want, and if it comes with smart features, you can simply not use them.

But what if you do want to use the Smart Features? Well it doesn’t really matter which brand you choose, except for the LG (being the most difficult). We can write instructions on how to get you started, how to use Netflix and Freeview Plus as well as how the new TV fits into your other existing devices (like your recorder or sound system). 

Basically, ask before you buy if it’s an easy TV and we should be able to give you a definite answer on pretty much every model out there, but overall we can write instructions for anything and there is always the option of installing a Universal Remote control if it is just too hard.


Set a budget and decide what’s most important to you and then stick to the budget. Allow in your budget for the extras so the technician can install it correctly without blowing your budget out. 

Be flexible on brand choice, as some brands are just levels apart when it comes to a certain size or model. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to televisions!

Lastly, call and discuss. I don’t mind talking through the different models and features, the pros and cons; buying a new TV is exciting and fun and it’s a real enjoyment for me to help somebody find the right television for their home.

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