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Brocky's TV have the televisions and the advice to make your buying experiencing much less frustrating. With our personalized one-to-one consultations, we can help you navigate through our comprehensive TV buying guide to find the perfect TV for your needs.


"Recently purchased a new 55″ TV from Brockys. A very pleasant experience. We would not of been able to set up the new TV effectively without the expert help from Brockys TV. "   -Colin (Parrearra)


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How does the tv buying guide help me?

With so many brands and models available, and prices that vary from $500 to $10,000, a guide is exactly what you need. And just like a guide navigating you on a tour of an unknown place, this guides you through what the difference is between the brands, the different features, and the different price tiers. This TV buying guide is exactly what you need to stop feeling overwhelmed, and make a decision now that suits your budget and your home.


How to avoid common pitfalls and get the right Smart Television for your home

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Written by Brock Aspland, CEO of Brocky's TV

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What's in the book?

  1. Detailed Brand Comparisons: The guide provides a thorough analysis of major TV brands like Sony Bravia, Samsung, and LG, discussing their history, technological advancements, and recent market performance. This detailed comparison helps readers understand the strengths and weaknesses of each brand.

  2. Focus on User Experience: The guide emphasizes the importance of ease of use, app accessibility, and customer support, particularly praising Sony Bravia for its user-friendly interface and robust customer service. This focus is crucial as it addresses consumer concerns beyond just the technical specifications.

  3. Practical Advice: The guide discusses common issues with cheaper TV models, such as reliability problems and frustrating user interfaces. It provides practical advice on what potential buyers should watch out for when choosing a TV, which is valuable for making informed purchasing decisions.

  4. Educational Content: The section on understanding quality tiers explains why TVs are priced differently, which is informative for consumers who may not be familiar with how TV technology and market positioning affect pricing.

ultimate tv buying guide
Join over 12,000 customers who are becoming more tech-savvy every day since 2006, with the help of Brocky's TV

We empower people to get rid of the frustration and embrace the technology in easy to use ways. We make it simple, and a big part of that is starting with the right TV. If you're not super tech-savvy, it's even more crucial you buy a user-friendly TV. 


Brock Aspland has extensive experience serving the people of the Sunshine Coast; in their homes, with their TVs and electronics. In that time, he's found what works and what doesn't and put systems in place to avoid what doesn't work. There's a lot of opinion in this TV buying guide, it's true. But it's experience backed by satisfaction guarantees that we will find you the right TV, that suits you perfect; or else we'll replace it free of charge. 

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Don't pick the wrong TV

Choosing the right TV can be a daunting task fraught with potential pitfalls that affect everyday enjoyment and functionality. The "TV Buying Guide 2024 Brocky's TV" addresses these critical consumer pain points, such as the frustration of being stuck with a TV that doesn’t meet expectations, the complexities of using modern smart TVs, and the overwhelming challenge of navigating the saturated market to find a suitable model.

Tailored specifically for the Australian audience, this guide provides an in-depth analysis of leading brands like Sony Bravia, Samsung, and LG, highlighting their technological strengths and weaknesses. By emphasizing ease of use, app accessibility, and reliable customer support, this e-book aims to equip readers with the knowledge to avoid common issues like poor interface design, limited app compatibility, and premature device failure.

Armed with expert advice and comprehensive brand comparisons, consumers can confidently make an informed decision that enhances their home entertainment system without succumbing to common buying mistakes.

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Download your free copy of the Ultimate TV Buying Guide: E-Book written by Brock Aspland
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TV Purchase Success

Real Brocky's clients have their say

"Brocky's TV provided excellent service when we needed to upgrade our TV. The installation was seamless, and the new TV is incredible."

Melissa WrightMelissa Wright

"The recommendation for the Sony OLED was spot on! It's like having a cinema in our home now. Thank you, Brocky's TV!"

Sandra ElliotSandra Elliot

"We bought our new Hisense TV from Brocky's after their thoughtful recommendation based on our budget and requirements. Very satisfied with the purchase!"

Aaron LeeAaron Lee

"Thanks to Brocky's TV for supplying and setting up our new home theater system. The clarity and quality of the picture are beyond what I expected."

Diana BrooksDiana Brooks

"Appreciated the honest advice on which TV to buy. The Samsung QLED has been a fantastic addition to our living room."

Jeremy ThompsonJeremy Thompson

"Brocky’s TV suggested the LG OLED for our games room, and it’s been fantastic. The picture quality has made gaming and movie nights so much better!"

Chloe AdamsChloe Adams

"I was unsure about which TV would be best for my needs, but the team at Brocky’s recommended the perfect model that fits my family's viewing habits wonderfully."

Greg HarperGreg Harper

"After getting a TV supplied and installed by Brocky's, I can honestly say the service and product quality are top-notch. It’s completely changed our viewing experience."

Nora FisherNora Fisher

What TV will be right for you? As you can see we have recommended many different TVs in many different situations. Over the years it's changed year after year. We keep up with the changes for you. 

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More from our happy customers

"The wall mounting service was quick and seamless. Loved how tidy everything looked with no visible wires!" -Jennifer Smith

"Thanks to Brocky’s TV, our home theater now feels like a real cinema. The sound setup is just phenomenal!" -Michael Brown

"Really appreciate the detailed tutorial on using our new smart TV. It was much needed!" -Linda Johnson

"The WiFi extension to our backyard has made outdoor movie nights a hit. Great signal strength even outside!" -David Wilson

"Impressed by the timely and efficient service when our TV screen went blank. The quick repair saved our movie night!" -Karen Martinez

"I wasn't sure which TV to buy, but the consultation helped me choose the perfect model for our living room." -Robert Anderson

"The installation of multiple TVs in our office was handled professionally. Each conference room now has a great setup." -Emily Thomas

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