TV antenna Boosters

Does your Digital TV Picture break-up? Does the Sound freeze? Does it ever say “Weak Signal? It shouldn’t!


antenna booster

TV Antenna Booster


This is a Masthead Amplifier (Antenna Booster).

Most houses on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast need one of these on your Antenna system in order to receive a HD Digital Signal.





 Signal Levels

In the capital cities (including Brisbane) the signals are transmitted much stronger (approximately 80-85db can be received on roof tops of houses), whereas on the Sunshine Coast for example, 60-65db is a good signal. Gold Coast fluctuates depending on which transmitter you are facing towards.


Antenna Boosters

Depending on how new the cabling throughout the house is, and depending on how many television sockets you have, you may need an antenna booster (or a replacement for your current antenna booster). Even if you have a new digital antenna, you may still need an antenna booster as well.

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Digital Antenna Boosters require a power supply, this power supply will normally be installed inside the roof. However sometimes this is installed behind the Tv (connected to the wall-socket). It’s important to know that this power supply is not the booster, it doesn’t boost at all; it just power’s up the part in the image above.

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