Transmitter Issues Sunshine Coast

Current Transmitter Issues on the Sunshine Coast. Stay up to date with the outages of the Sunshine Coast transmitters.

Our Facebook page is often the most up to date place to check for information. Click Here to be redirected to that page. brockystv

What to do when you have a NO SIGNAL message

First step is what not to do; Do not retune your TV.

On the Sunshine Coast we have multiple transmitters and these all have different frequencies. Retuning your TV at the wrong time can either delete all the channels, or ‘retune’ your TV to the wrong frequencies.

Instead the best thing to do is to check the Facebook page by clicking here. Find out if it’s a transmitter issue (is its worth just waiting until they repair the transmitter?). And like the page so you get notifications next time.

Call for advice (have some answers ready for our staff):

  • When did the problem start? (This morning, in the last couple of days, or last week?)
  • Is it happening on one TV only, or all TVs?
  • When was the last time the antenna was looked at?

This will help our team know the best way to help. Call 1800 588 688.

Transmitters on the Sunshine Coast

Bald Knob Transmitter (Local & Brisbane TV Channels 34-39 & 46-50)
Dulong Transmitter (Local TV Channels 40-45)
Pt Arkwright Transmitter (Local TV Channels 29-33)
Peregian Beach Transmitter (Local TV Channels 29-33)
Tewantin Transmitter (Local TV Channels 40-44)
Brisbane Transmitter (Brisbane VHF TV Channels 6-12)

Known Issues

Pt Arkright Transmitter Down Sept 2021

The transmitter has lost signal completely today (1/9/2021), and some viewers have been experiencing severe pixelation and no signal. Do not retune the TV. Contact us if issues are still present in 48 hours.

Pt Arkright Transmitter Down Oct 2021

The Pt Arkwright Transmitter has been experiencing issues through August to October and these are still ongoing. We’ve contacted Australian Communication and Media Authorities (ACMA) on this and they have rebooted the system and all seems to be working okay again now.

“It appears a power surge was to blame (for the latest issue) and the broadcasters are now planning to install 24/7 telemetry to the site so they can monitor this (in real time).” -ACMA

About Brocky’s TV Antennas

Brocky’s TV has been installing antenna systems on the Sunshine Coast since 2006. In this 15 year period, we’ve assisted locals not just in TV antenna repairs. But also with the transition to digital TV (the analogue switch-off), the introduction of 4G signals and Smart TV Streaming.

Contact Brocky’s TV online by clicking here.

“I phoned Brocky’s TV thinking that I needed my antenna looked at. They talked me through my problem and I had TV reception in 2 minutes. Thank you for such professional service. I can certainly recommend your company for anyone with a TV problem. 10/10.”

-Wendy J

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