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Sunshine Coast Restack & Retune; No Simulcast

The Sunshine Coast TV frequencies are changing. All Televisions need to be retuned.


dulong retune

The Nambour Coverage Area

The Television channels from the Dulong Transmitter (Nambour) and the Tewantin/Nambour transmitter will be changing on Wednesday 9th of July, and this will mean that every television (with antennas facing towards this transmitter) will need to be re-tuned after this time. Unfortunately it has been stated that there will be no simulcast of the channels (repeating the same channel on both frequencies for a period of time to allow for retuning) and for this reason, most of the Sunshine Coast will be advised to retune their own television. This should be completed as soon the possible after the channels disappear (you may have to wait some time for the switchover to take place and the new frequencies to be activated).



bald knob retune

Bald Knob Retune Coverage Area


For those who live in the Southern parts of the Sunshine Coast (Facing towards the Bald Knob transmitter in Landsborough) the second change will take place over two days a week apart. The first change will be the Brisbane channels, which are only received by the southern half of the Sunshine Coast only, This will happen on Tuesday 15th July, and the local channels will be Restacked on the 22nd of July.

It is our advice to lose the Brisbane channels after the 15th July and just watch the local channels until they disappear too after the 22nd of July. Then you can retune and this means you only have to retune your television once.




Instructions on how to tune your TV will be found in your TV manual. For all those who are able, we suggest you read that manual and attempt to retune your own TV after this Restack has been completed.



The good news is that there is no need to change your antenna in most situations, as we continue to use the UHF frequency as we have before. If you have poor reception before the Restack, then you will continue to have poor reception and this antenna system will need to be looked at. Please call 1800 588 688 to discuss a booking time. retune antenna umx18

BACKGROUND INFORMATION The reason for this change, is actually a good thing, as it brings Australia inline with the rest of the world. Currently, our 4G network is up around 2100mhz, whereas the rest of the world (USA/EUROPE) have their 4G network operating on the 700mhz-800mhz range. This 700-800mhz range is currently being used throughout regional Australia for local TV channels (on the Sunshine Coast our ABC, local 7 and Win9 for example are all currently located here). After the Restack and Retune, the government will then sell these frequencies to the phone companies, and they will then move the 4G network down to these lower frequencies. This will, in the long run, make electronics cheaper by utilising the same technologies as the USA and other countries that are creating these. So in summary, it is a good thing that the Restack and Retune is happening, it will make our electronics life easier going forward.

For all enquiries, please contact Us at 1800 588 688 or CLICK HERE to book online



Our highest priority during the month of July will be the retune after each restack. During this time our team will be retuning televisions only for the 3 day period after the change has happened and our antenna installations will be put on hold until after these few days, and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

We will still be fixing antennas, supplying new TVs at the best price, and installing new TV equipment during July,  Call us and we will work in a time that suits you.


If you require assistance with the retune:

sunshine coast retune
Our Technicians will come and tune your televisions

SERVICE CALL RETUNE (Available same day as the Restack, as well as the following days):

This will cost $99.00 and will be a full home service. This will cover the time to tune all the TVs, and DVD Recorders in your home. We will do a ‘Manual Tune’ of your equipment, to ensure that only the correct frequencies from the correct transmitters are tuned in for the avoidance of doubt and to reduce errors in the future.

Book this service now by phoning 1800 588 688 (limited spots available in the 3 day period after the Restack.

 NEED ADVICE? Call your local team on 1800 588 688

5 Year Warranty on TV Antenna Systems

Why 5 years?

We’ve been using the same Australian Made products since we started business, and have found these products to last and last. It’s our belief that if you are spending money on an Tv antenna or booster upgrade, your should receive a guarantee that it will benefit your house for the long term.

But it’s a basic warranty right?

No. This warranty is a complete assurance that your product will last for at least 5 years (we expect much longer!).

We will cover your product even if it is damaged by external forces such as storms/wind or weather, rust damage and surges in power (or brown-outs). We guarantee you won’t need to replace this Tv antenna at your own cost for at least 5 years, and even if the signals from the transmitters change; yes we will update your Tv antenna to keep to our guarantee.

Is only the Tv antenna covered?

It’s on everything we supply. That means it covers the Tv Antenna, Tv booster, splitter, fittings or cable. Anything we supply is covered; even the small things.

Better yet, if yours is a new home antenna system, or if we have replaced the whole system, we will give a guarantee on the reception itself! That means we guarantee that you will have enough signal, as well as the parts themselves.

What happens if something goes wrong?

First thing to do is call us and describe the problem. If you have our 5 year warranty, we will send our technician out to your house free of charge to analyse the problem. If he discovers the problem is due to a fault of our products, it will be replaced, and your system will be back up and running that same day.

If he finds it’s another fault unrelated to what we installed We still won’t charge you! But we are here to help, so we can quote on the best way to fix the problem (whether it’s a new Tv, recorder, etc) and we will follow through to make sure your system is back working again as soon as possible.

Why is this sort of warranty exclusive to Brocky’s TV?

We’ve gone out of our way years ago to make this our focus. We buy Australian Made Tv antennas and boosters because they last the longest, and we are supporting our local industry. Our workmanship is very high, and this quality of installation contributes to the low fault rate. We are prepared for the long term, and we will still be here to assist you in the future.

You trust our technicians’ knowledge on the best way to fix the reception, and we believe you should be able to trust the products they are installing with the same confidence. Our 5-year labour inclusive warranty is our promise to our clients; We will fix your digital TV reception guaranteed!

1800 588 688 or click here for more information

5 year warranty antenna

5 year warranty for peace of mind