How do I stop my Digital TV Reception from breaking up?

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digital tv reception

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Digital TV Reception

If you are watching digital television and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t that may mean your signals just aren’t quite high enough. Don’t panic! It may be something simple, or it may be that your antenna system is either old or ‘analogue’.

What Can i do about it?

Have one of our local technicians come and inspect your antenna system. We will find out if it’s something simple (which we can fix straight away and get you back up and running) or something more complex (we will still have all the parts there, if your happy with our quote, you’ll be happy watching television that same night!).

How much does it cost?

It depends what the problem is, a simple fix will just be a service call and this will include retuning. If you do need a new digital TV antenna, or a digital booster, we have both economic products (made overseas; available for a great price) or Australian Made products (worth the extra and comes with 5-years hassle free warranty!).

So how do I book?

Simply call our office on 1800 588 688, you’ll always have one of our team answering the phone, and we are here to help. Or Click Here to book online; choose the time and day that suit you best and we will be there.

Old Analogue TV

Snowy analogue TV

Why is it only just breaking up now?

Television Antennas last for years and years usually, however it’s not unusual that they will just stop working completely all of a sudden, or gradually get worse over time. It just depends what quality the equipment was originally. Digital television works differently then the old analogue system. With digital TV you either have enough signal and you get a beautiful picture… or it’s a bit weak and you see problems (whereas with analogue, the picture gradually got worse over time).

HD digital TV

HD DIgital TV

Digital TV Reception

When the weather is good, when the wind is not blowing you will find that digital TV reception works a lot better. For most people when they have a problem is at 6pm when they are trying to watch the news, this is due to the temperature change from day to night. All this means is that your television signal is too low, it’s too close to the cut-off level and this is why it fluctuates from good to bad. The good news is that it can be fixed!

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Call Brocky’s TV today and let us get your digital television working with good quality digital TV reception. We are local, we know the area and how to get the best signal. and you can rest assured we’ve used high quality parts because we back it with an unequaled 5-year warranty. We will fix your TV reception guaranteed.   Call us for quality digital TV antennas guaranteed 1800 588 688 or Click Here for more information.

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