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1. Decide on longevity; Do you want the antenna to last 5 – 20 years? Or are you planning to move on in 12months? This will greatly affect the price.

2. Have the roof inspected; Is there enough signal? Is a Masthead Amplifier required?

3. Decide early if you want extra Tv outlets. They can be installed for less than $50 whilst in the frame stage!

4. Tell your building site manager that your television guy will need access. Tell them early so they are informed. (the correct time for us to be onsite is after the roof is on, but before the giprock is up).

5. Get a guarantee with your antenna:

New Home Antenna Guarantee

Your house is an investment, but so to should be your Tv antenna!

Brocky’s TV will guarantee not just the parts installed, but also the quality of signal itself. This will put your mind at rest that money you spend now, will be the last you need to spend on the system for the period of your stay. True peace of mind.

If you choose the longevity option, we will install Australian Made antenna products (higher gain and better quality) and we will give a 5 year labour inclusive warranty. This warranty also covers for things outside of our control such as storm damage, rust and surges in power.

Renovations antenna


Are you planning a major overhaul or perhaps just knocking down a wall? Think early about the TV including the cables.

Your electrician will take care of the power, but have you thought about what SMART televisions require for Skype and other Apps?

Have you thought about running your signals throughout the house?


Now is the time to think about the television, have one of our technicians inspect your plans and give you free advice before you go to far.

We want to be able to say “Yes” when you ask for something later on after it’s all complete!

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