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Meet Our Team

meet our team

Meet our team – Brocky Aspland

Did you know it’s coming up on 15 years since we started Brocky’s TV?

Brock aspland

December 2006, I purchased an old Mitsibishi Express van with over 400,000km on the clock, and put a sign on the side to say Brocky’s TV – Antennas & Training.

That sign didn’t just say the name of the business; it said that I am dedicated to this industry. It said my name is on the line. And with a thorough business plan in my hand, I set out to serve the Sunshine Coast.

However the product was never antennas. Albeit, that’s what we found ourselves doing most of the time. In truth the product was advice. Ultimately, it was our specialty to talk with you, and work through what you wanted to achieve and then put that in place while the whole time trying to use your budgets wisely.

brocky's old van

The old adage says ‘hire people who know more than you do’ and that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve trained them about how you should be served, and through trial and error I’ve put together a team that I am proud of. Each with an overall understanding of how we are most useful. But also specialising in aspects of television and audio that they have the most experience in and the most passion for.

Although I am not there in the house serving you myself, meet our team who are conscious of what I have always found important, my culture:

  • To be ethical at all times. No matter what.
  • To do only what’s needed, and what’s wanted. Don’t ever spend budget on anything that the customer doesn’t need or won’t use.
  • Go out of your way to do what’s right. Even if that means the job is gone or that you don’t charge; always do what is right.
  • Look ahead – It’s our job to know the industry and the technology and it’s our job to advise you what else you’ll need in the future before we allocate budget to something right now.
  • Never lie. Be honest. Admit your mistakes and be humble. We are all human.
  • Never patronise. We all have different strengths and weaknesses. Never judge another person.
  • Appreciate your success – have pride in your work. Have pride in Who you have helped today as that is what we are in business for.
  • Never focus on profit. Money is a by-product of doing your job properly so never make it about the profit. Build the relationship and solve the problems as that’s what we are in business for.
  • Never try and sell. Describe the problem so you are on the same page, provide solutions and ask if you can proceed. Use your customers’ budget wisely to take away the pain points and give enjoyment.

This is why we give a satisfaction guarantee. It’s not a gimmick. We simply want to work for people who appreciate our technicians’ skills and experience. We want to work for people who appreciate our want to help.

van - meet our team

Meet our clients

Brocky’s has always understood our clients. 

We’ve found they are really intelligent people, who are often just not so tech-savvy. It’s not a bad thing, it is just technology is ever-changing and it is not naturally grasped by everyone.

Our customers run their own businesses and have led teams of talented people themselves. Ultimately they are successful in their own industries, being completely knowledgeable. As a result, this is not an intelligence thing but more a technology incompatibility most times.

Importantly, every day we have customers who give themselves a hard time because they don’t understand. And we try to fix that and help you enjoy technology by making it easy to use.

Moreover, this is why we allow the time to ask you questions and find out what you want to achieve. And then we work with your budget to make that happen. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of all the technology; you just need to know which button to press to bring up what you want. Why shouldn’t TV be easy?

“It’s not how much television you watch, but whether it works when you want it to”

Brock Aspland

Meet our team – Technicians

josh ditchburn
Josh Ditchburn is my senior supervisor, and has been with Brocky’s since 2010. In that 11 years he understands
exactly how we are most useful and he leads the team with knowledge and motivation. Josh is brilliant at TV
Installation, WiFi/internet solutions, training on how to use your TV. Josh has a really good knack of finding out
what you want, and working with your budget to make it happen.
meet our team lachie wilson
Lachlan Wilson is our A-grade electrician and fault finder. He’s able to attend and solve problems that others
can’t. Lachie is tidy with his workmanship. And has a passion for electrical and safety. New fans, lights,
switchboard upgrades and safety checks. Of course he’s fully trained in TV too, so he can wall mount your new
TV and fix the antenna reception in the same visit as you get the smoke alarms checked!
ben short
Benjamin Short is the most multi-talented technician we have on the team. A true jack-of-all-trades. Ben has a
complete and thorough electronics AV repair background. And he has new TV sales experience. TV reception, wall mounts, installations and Smart TV streaming without buffering – faster
streaming than you’ve ever had before! Ben is able to slow down and train you exactly how your TV system.

Meat our team – Technicians

meet our team Ben blacnchard
Ben Blanchard is our senior electrician. In 2017, we hired Ben so he could leave Brisbane and move his family to
the Sunshine Coast. We’ve built the electrical side of the business around Ben’s values and ethics. When it comes to electricians there is no better. Ben explains all options upfront.
Ben is the most exceptional TV Wall-mounter that I have seen. He is proud of his work, and confident in his ability to complete the brief each and every time.
steve rule
Stephen Rule has over 15 years experience in Home Theatre. With a complete understanding of all
the components, cables, screens, projectors and televisions. Steve is passionate about giving you a media room that you can’t wait to show off to the family!
From troubleshooting your existing media room. An through to design and installation of a new one, Steve will work with your goal. Media rooms that look and sound brilliant.
Daniel Roberts is trained in telecommunications, WiFi & Internet. Also a specialist in TV antennas & Installations. Dan is our number one television repair technician and is your warranty repair technician for all the large brands including Sony & Panasonic.
Television & Home audio troubleshooting and problem solving. Rely on Daniel to find out what’s wrong with your entertainment system and how to fix it.

Meet our team – Administration

1800 588 688 is our toll free number. Yes it’s a 1800 number, but you’ll speak to real people in Maroochydore every time. Our office is at 6/12 Newspaper Place and we are open Monday to Friday 9-5pm.

Although we are a family business and not available on weekends. Our administration team is dedicated to making your experience with Brocky’s TV exceptional every time.

Madison Clarke meet our team
Madison Clarke is General Manager of Brocky’s TV & Electronics. Maddy overseas our team and ensures that there is a direct response to any issues that may arise.
katrina demamiel
Katrina Demamiel is first point of call for all television and Electrical bookings. Katrina has been with Brocky’s TV since 2011 and has been integral to our growth.
kyah greenhill
Kyah Greenhill is the first person you’ll see in our office in Maroochydore. Kyah is helpful on the phone and gives an excellent welcome to all our clients.

Meet our team – In December this year, we will celebrate 15 years

We’ve changed a lot, that’s for sure. But the core of the business is the same. And your support of my business supports our families (over 40 people here on the coast). Thank you!

Going forward please let me know how I can serve you better. I’m writing procedures so that what I know can be passed on to the staff in a more efficient way. But I too have been feeling my way through the past 15 years; if I have made mistakes, please forgive me. If my team has at any time let you down in the past, I apologise.

There is no better time than now to make contact so that we can make it right and work with you going forward. We will continue to learn. I want to help you, and everything I’ve done in my time so far has been what I have believed to be the best with the information I’ve had.

But I’m not leaving; I’m just moving back a little and letting other local Sunshine Coast staff build their career helping you too. I continue to invest everything into this business, and as a team, we continue to serve as we grow.Thank you again for giving the little guy a try!

Brock Aspland

Brocky’s TV

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Brocky’s TV is located in Maroochydore and was established in 2006.
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