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Your questions answered by Brock; What is Smart TV and how can we get use from this, without it being too difficult. What sort of things can we do with Smart TV?

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Now it’s advertised everywhere, and is the most common question I have been asked recently is ‘Why would I want a Smart TV?’. Along with ‘What actually is it?’ and ‘What do I need to get it?’

I thought it best to send out a bulk email with the answers to these questions, along with an interview we did with the local radio station below

Firstly, a Smart TV is a television with features that allow you to stream television programs using your internet data, instead of an antenna. Currently our normal television is using antenna or a satellite dish on the roof. Streaming uses data from your home internet WIFI to display the picture on your TV screen, it does not use the antenna, or the satellite.

Watch what you want, when you want and it is easy.

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And what are some of the things you can watch with SMART TV?

The most popular thing we are being asked about at the moment is NETFLIX. And this is a subscription based streaming service.

You pay a small monthly fee of around $12 a month, and then you get access to lots of shows and movies. You watch as much as you like without extra charges. There are other brands as well like STAN TV and PRESTO.

How to Get FREEVIEW PLUS and What is It?

This is probably the most exciting thing to do with a new SMART TV!

When you have a FREEVIEW Plus capable TV, you simply change channels like normal on a daily basis and you watch whatever shows are currently on. However, if you simply press a button on the remote control, you can then watch any program that has been on that channel for the past 30 days.

FREEVIEW Plus is really simple to use, and gives us access to a great variety of programs for free (no need to record anymore, just press the button and watch what you want). It even has less ads

Most 2015 model TVs have Freeview Plus, Click Here to Shop Now.

How to Get Smart TV? Is there anything we need to do with our Internet?

You need to have home internet. It’s very important that you know you can’t use a ‘portable’ Wifi Device (or a mobile wireless device) to stream, as you will use too much data.

A home internet Wifi will give you a fast enough speed, and you just need to make sure you have at least 100GB of data each month and a stable connection.


As we go forward, the next few years will show more and more ‘streaming only’ content start to appear. The good news is there is finally some competition for Foxtel, and we will have more of what we want to watch available when we want it without even having to record.
Remember, with our written instructions you can use this technology stress free. We look forward to helping you upgrade to these exciting new features when you are ready!
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Click here for an interview about Smart TV that was aired on 4CRB community Radio.

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