Fast TV Antenna Sunshine Coast

Quality Australian Made antennas, the highest quality

digital television products for your home. 


These antennas are made in Adelaide Australia, the benefit being that all components are assembled in the same factory, allowing for better quality checks, and less room for error.


Brocky’s TV’s Fast TV Antenna Service offers economical foreign made products installed with the highest level of workmanship for those who are on a budget, These are installed with a 12month labour inclusive warranty to give the best chance of success.


Brocky’s TV installs and recommends Australian Made products, and to show our faith in the product, we offer a 5-year Labour Inclusive Warranty for complete peace of mind. This unequaled warranty is the longest on the Sunshine Coast, and also covers for Storm Damage, Rust and Surges in Power.


Mention this webpage and receive a free additional 2 years warranty; That’s a 7-year labour inclusive warranty to ensure that your television reception is digital ready today, and stays that way!


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Fast Tv Antennas!

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