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Home Theatre is the best way to get that cinema feeling at home!

 Making Home Theatre Work For You

Home theatre is one of the luxury entertainment devices for home. Nowadays, due to the affordability of electronics, you can have your own cinema room. To create a home theatre, you don’t need to have expensive furniture. The first thing that has to be looked at is the budget.

Obviously budget is another consideration and this will dictate which equipment you buy initially and what you save for another day. As a bare minimum you’ll want a Smart Streaming device, widescreen television, and a surround sound audio amplifier and speakers. Don’t forget to budget for installation and cabling, it’s a very important part of installing a home theatre and one that’s often overlooked!


home theatre installation

Already have a room but need help?

During the introduction period of High Definition during 2006 to 2010, many home theatre rooms were installed.

Unfortunately, the technology at that time was often clunky. Not to mention the amount of devices that were needed to make it work. Think of needing the normal screen, projector and amplifier, but also needing HDMI switches, multiple cables run to the projector. Also Bluray player, Set Top Box, Hard Drive media player etc.

The rooms were confusing to use because of all this extra equipment needed. As well that at the time universal remote controls were not user-friendly. This all led to the rooms not being used after awhile.

What to do with existing rooms?

A lot of the existing equipment can now be removed and that’s great news! This is due to us going Smart Streaming for most of our content now. So we can take out a lot of the old converters and switches. We can also remove a lot of the multi-room equipment.

We can reuse a lot of what you have installed. It’s a good idea to look at upgrading the projector to a 4K modern one. Speak to us about options on this.

We should be able to re-use all your speakers, and we’ll assess your amplifier to see if that too can be retained.

Basically we don’t know until we get there. But a service call and 20 minutes labour to assess everything is only $125 and then you’ll get a report with where your room is currently at, and advice on what to do to fix it. You’ll have all the options written down. And help you choose what to do next.

New Home Theatres – Start from scratch and do it right the first time!

Large Screens

Home Theatre Seating

The selection of seating is as important as selection of different electronics components. An efficient home theatre will be completely useless if paired with uncomfortable seating. As there is a wide range of sofas and recliners available in the best, selection of the perfect home theatre seating is definitely a daunting task and requires consideration of several factors.


cinema seating

Measure the available space before choosing the seating – before evaluating any other details of home theatre seating, you need to assess the size of your home theatre room and the available space for seating. Try to ascertain the number of seating that can fit in well and the rough size of each seating. Ascertaining this is vital because wrong selection shall destroy the look and function of the room, for instance, installation of a large sofa leaving no space for people to move around will impart an awkward look to the room.


Need Help? Brocky’s TV are Home Theatre specialists ready to assist with your home cinema! 1800 588 688

screen size

Design & Decoration

Home theatre also needs a few things into consideration when deciding on a theatre space. A location with covered floors and few windows is ideal to design a Home Theatre. You can begin the design process with blocking as much light as possible so that the room will be dark like an actual theatre. Just like any room in your home, lighting can influence the overall look and feel of your theatre. Install dimmers on a remote to easily lower and raise the lights from your seat. Run lights along the bottom of your seats for a more authentic look.

home theatre curtains


Home theatre will not be complete without comfortable seating of course, however don’t forget other ‘cinema’ features that we are all used to. Curtains and carpet give the feel of luxury and you might want to consider ways to protect your sound.

Arrange a good view of the screen no matter where you sit. Last but not least, the room should have perfect accessories to make your room look like a genuine theatre. Find movie posters of your favourite shows and mount them on the walls. Create your own snack bar with a popcorn machine, candy display, and mini-fridge. Purchase decorative bowls or bags for your popcorn.


Building your own home theatre can be a fulfilling experience. No matter how big or minimal your budget, nothing else is important as long as you enjoy your own Home Theatre.

Multi-Purpose Home Theatre Rooms

When considering your new home, or your renovations, and you are considering installing a home theatre. It’s a good idea to talk to an expert about how to make the room useful for more than just dark movie atmosphere.

We want you to get your money’s worth, and so if you only plan to use the room once or twice a week as a ‘Movies Only’ type function, perhaps it’s worth considering building the room a little longer to house a Bar at the back, some stools and make it an ‘afternoon retreat’ room as well. home theatre bar

Keep in mind, technology allows us to now afford the most advance All-control devices, and that means at the push of a button, the blinds come down, the lights dim and you are back in that luxury Cinema feeling!

But if you can add a bar fridge, a jukebox or even a record player, you could just find this to be your favourite room of the house on a daily basis. It all comes down to your design process. Be sure to think of all avenues so as you don’t miss out on anything!


There are no rules as to what you can and can’t do!

home theatre

Home Theatre Advice

1. Have a firm idea of what features you MUST have. Everything can be adjusted to suit want you want, so be clear on what items are non negotiable when it comes to trimming to suit a budget.

2. Have a clear budget set in mind. Knowing this upfront can help us plan your room just the way you want it, without getting caught up ‘premium’ luxury items that you may not really need.

3. Don’t keep putting it off until you can afford to ‘do it all right the first time’. Instead, talk to a specialist who can help you work out which parts are most important straight away. And which parts can be added in later.

4. Think about how you will use your room, and whether it’s worth sacrificing a little on the ‘dark, traditional cinema’ feeling, to instead add the bar and the stools, and use the room 3 or 4 times a week instead of just one or two.

5. Lastly, get excited! We will surely be excited alongside you as we create your very own cinema. Every one we do is different, but we will be sure to help you create the Home Theatre you have always wanted!

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Oh and when complete; why not not have some automatic curtains hide everything away so your house is a home again:

home theatre curtains

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