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Hang Your TV On The Wall

Hang TV – TV Hanging Details

SIZE: 14″ – 100″

FUNCTION: Flush, Tilt, Adjustable with Arm, Ceiling Mount, Recessed

Distance from Wall: 25mm (Flush Mount) to 68mm (Tilt Mount)


        • Cables hidden inside wall
        • TV Tuning Included
        • Height Satisfaction Guarantee
        • 10 Year Stability Guarantee
tv wall mount articultated
Make The TV a Feature in Your Home!

We want to ensure your television is mounted at the right height and position to suit you and your family. We can install the television with the bracket you already have, or supply any type of bracket to suit your TV.

tv wall mount
Articulated TV Wall Mounts give flexibility!

Why should you hang the TV?

Lifting a TV gives the room more space. If you hang TVs correctly, it’ll look great and provide a better viewing angle. It’s also safer with kids as they cannot reach it!

We hang TVs on the Sunshine Coast and we provide a variety of bracket options. We can mount televisions in outdoor living areas, lounge/living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms!

Hang TV

Experienced and Professional

Brocky’s TV have over 15 years experience in TV Mounting. We have mounted televisions to all types of walls. We can hang TV to steel frame houses too. As well as brick and no-stud walls.

We measure twice and drill once. We don’t leave big gaping holes in your wall. Trust the professional finish we will provide. We’ll hide the cables inside the wall. And we’ll use tidy bullnose outlet plates to hide the cable entry.

Brocky’s Hang TVs and other equipment too!

That’s right, we can hang your soundbar right below the TV so it looks brilliant. We can even mount soundbars below articulated arm brackets. We understand the best ways to hang TVs and we match the mount and the installation to your room.

 What sets us apart?

Putting bolts in the wall is only the smallest part of hanging a TV. Knowing where to mount it and how is important. But more important is tuning it and showing you how it works afterwards. We connect the TV to the WiFi and help you get setup for Smart TV Streaming as well. We’ll help you use all your equipment. That’s what we do.

Hang TVs and TV Mounting Services. All types of televisions can be hung.

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Brocky's TV mounting

More from our happy customers

"The wall mounting service was quick and seamless. Loved how tidy everything looked with no visible wires!" -Jennifer Smith

"Thanks to Brocky’s TV, our home theater now feels like a real cinema. The sound setup is just phenomenal!" -Michael Brown

"Really appreciate the detailed tutorial on using our new smart TV. It was much needed!" -Linda Johnson

"The WiFi extension to our backyard has made outdoor movie nights a hit. Great signal strength even outside!" -David Wilson

"Impressed by the timely and efficient service when our TV screen went blank. The quick repair saved our movie night!" -Karen Martinez

"I wasn't sure which TV to buy, but the consultation helped me choose the perfect model for our living room." -Robert Anderson

"The installation of multiple TVs in our office was handled professionally. Each conference room now has a great setup." -Emily Thomas

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