Channel 9 HD is now ready!

Many questions this week about the new Channel 9 HD (high definition) which has come online for our TVs at home.

Channel 9 only has made this change. Local Win9 and NBN9 are not changing at this time (some of you only get these local services and you will not be able to get the HD9 at this time).

All the normal channel 9 programs will now be available on channel 90 in high definition, with GEM and GO now moving to 92 (GEM) and 93 (GO).
channel 9 hd


As you know, you will need to have your television retuned in order for the changes to take effect. Retuning can cause some problems in some areas.

Because there is more than one transmitter in most areas, doing an ‘autotune’ may find the wrong frequencies for your area. This means that after you retune, your channels (or just one or two) will pixilate and break up.

This can be fixed, but will require a technician to come and wipe all channels, and then manually tune them back in professionally.

If you have retuned, and have had no trouble since, that means you done it correctly and there is nothing more that needs to be done.

What if I don’t want to take the risk and mess things up?

If you are worried about messing it up, and don’t want to need a technician to come, you don’t actually need to do anything. You can simply continue watching GEM on 80 and GO on 88 (and you continue watching all your Channel 9 programs on 9)

If you run an auto search on your TV, it will then give the following channels:
9 – Main 9
90 – 9HD
91 – Other 9
92 – GEM
93 – GO
94 – 9Life
95 – Extra

What if my TV Can’t handle the MPEG4 technology?

The way they are now able to give us both SD and HD 9 as well as all the other channels is due to new technology. MPEG4 is a new type of HD, and some devices will not understand this.

If you have retuned, and the new channel 90 is simply black (or says ‘No Video”) then that means either your TV or recorder is too old, or that it needs to be adjusted inside the menus by a technician (some TVs need the MPEG4 turned on inside the menus).

If any of this occurs, just keep watching normal TV channels like you have been, and be sure to check with Brocky’s TV before buying any new technology or TVs.



Finally we get normal programming in HD! A wonderful time and very exciting that they are now allowed to do this. 

Channel 9 is the first, but we can expect the other channels to come on board in short time too. 

Enjoy the cricket and the NRL, State of Origin and even the Carols by Candlelight in perfect picture and sound quality, this is just what all our new TVs have been waiting for!

Channel 7: (MARCH 2016)
Channel 10,abc and sbs: No News.

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