TV Viewing Distance Calculator

Size (and Distance) really does matter when it comes to your TV Viewing experience

“If you sit so close to the television, your eyes will go square!” Who remembers Mum shouting that during every single Saturday morning cartoon session? Well, now you are the boss of your own TV and you could sit with your nose touching the screen if you wished but did you know there are actually optimal viewing distances?


tv viewing distance

Spoiler alert, your mum was wrong about sitting too close because the perfect viewing distance for HD imaging is a lot closer than she would have allowed. Three times the diagonal screen length of your TV used to be the rule of thumb, but with today’s vibrant HDTV picture you only need to sit about “1.5 times the diagonal viewing distance of your TV”*, so if you have purchased a 47” HDTV, the perfect viewing distance is 5.8 feet (179.07cm) from the screen.

If you are lucky enough to be the new owner of a Full HD or Ultra HD screen, you’ll want to move your seat even closer to the action.

TV Viewing Distance…WHY?

Basically viewing distance is about optimising pixel density. Sit too close and your eyes won’t go square but you will notice the actual pixels in the image. When you move back, you’ll notice the pixel density will increase and give you a much better image. However, go too far back you lose the finer details altogether!

That’s why it pays to look at your space and arrange the seating in relation to the size of your TV screen and not just from an aesthetic design perspective.


At the end, the distance you sit from your TV is a personal choice. As a guideline we suggest a 1.5x distance ratio as a starting point for you to decide what TV size or viewing distance is right for you.

(Inches / Centimetres)
(Feet / Centimetres)
(Feet / Centimetres)
32” / 81.28cm 4 feet / 121.92cm 8′ / 242.84cm
39” / 99.06cm 4.8′ / 148.59cm 9.5′ / 297.18cm
42” / 106.68cm 5.2′ / 160.02cm 10.5′ / 320.04cm
47” / 119.38cm 5.8′ / 179.07cm 11.5′ / 358.14cm
50” / 127cm 6.25′ / 190.5cm 12.5′ / 380.10cm
55” / 139.7cm 6.9′ / 209.55cm 14′ / 419.1cm
58” / 147.32cm 7.25′ / 220.98cm 14.5′ / 441.96cm
60” / 152.4cm 7.5′ / 228.6cm 15′ / 457.2cm
65” / 165.1 cm 8.13′ / 252.98cm 16.26′ / 505.96cm

*From HDTVtest’s “TV Viewing Distance Calculator”

*Credit to Panasonic Viera Blogs (


Gold Coast TV Tuning Assistance

 Gold Coast TV Tuning Assistance

The highest priority for Brocky’s TV from now until the 28th October Restack will be the retune and tuning of all televisions. During this time our team will be retuning televisions only for the 3 day period after the Restack on 28th October 2014.

Our antenna installations will be put on hold until 1st November 2014, and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

Brocky’s TV will still be fixing antennas, supplying new TVs at the best price, and installing new TV equipment up until, and after this 3 day period. Call us on 1800 588 688 and we will work in a time that suits you.


If you require assistance with the retune, Brocky’s TV will be offering two services:

sunshine coast retune
Call For a Technician’s Help

PHONE RETUNE (this will be available on the day of the retune only):

This will cost $33.00 and will involve a technician talking you through the retune process for one TV over the phone. Our technicians are well versed with your brand of television, and if you had good TV reception prior to the Restack, we will be able to talk you through how to retune your television. We Guarantee we will get your TV working 100%!

Please Note: This is not the free service provided by the government. This is a professional phone service provided by a local Australian business.


As you can understand, Brocky’s TV will be able to assist many more people over the phone on this day and this service will be operational after the channels come back on (expected to be 3:30pm to 9pm on Tuesday 28th October). Credit/Debit card required at time of booking. Call 1800 588 688.



sunshine coast retune
Our Technicians will come and tune your televisions

SERVICE CALL RETUNE (Available before the Restack, Book Early to avoid being without TV):

This will cost $99.00 and will be a full home service. This will cover the time to tune all the TVs, and DVD Recorders in your home.

We will do a ‘Manual Tune’ of your equipment. This will ensure that only the correct frequencies from the correct transmitters are tuned in for the avoidance of doubt and to reduce errors in the future.

Book this service now by phoning 1800 588 688 (limited spots available in the 3 day period after the Restack so book early).

*Please note; the Simulcast is available for North Gold Coast Residents only (Mt Tamborine Transmitter). Book your manual tune visit for before the 28th October and there will be no further change required after the Restack.

 NEED ADVICE? Call your local team on 1800 588 688

Gold Coast TV Retune

The Gold Coast TV Retune is happening on 28th October 2014. Frequencies are changing and all Televisions need to be retuned!

currumbin transmitter

Currumbin Transmitter


Our Television channels come from the Mt  Tamborine Transmitter (North Gold Coast Retune) and the Currumbin Transmitter. The frequencies from these transmitters will be changing on 28th October 2014.

This will mean that every television on the Gold Coast will need to be re-tuned after 4pm on this day.

Currently there is a simulcast of the channels (repeating the same channel on both frequencies for a period of time to allow for retuning).


mt tamborine transmitter


Gold Coast Simulcast

The Simulcast is provided and is able to be received from the Mt Tamborine Transmitter only (north Gold Coast; see image).

Anyone who is not confident in retuning their own TV, should make contact immediately. Request a Technician to come to your home and manually tune all your TVs to these new frequencies now; before the busy switch-off period.

Click Here to to contact us now



Instructions on how to tune your TV will be found in your TV manual. For all those who are able, we suggest you read that manual and attempt to retune your own TV after this Restack only. 

It is important not to autotune your own TV before the restack! An Autotune will find too many duplicate channels. A Manual Tune only, should be done from now until the 28th October.



The good news is that there is no need to change your antenna in most situations. We continue to use the UHF frequency as we have up to now. If you have poor reception before the Restack, then you will continue to have poor reception after this Gold Coast TV Retune period. This antenna system will need to be looked at. Call 1800 588 688 to discuss a booking time.

gold coast tv retunegold coast tv retune

Gold Coast TV Retune Background Information

The reason for this change, is actually a good thing. This change brings Australia inline with the rest of the world. Currently, our 4G network is up around 2100mhz, whereas the rest of the world (USA/EUROPE) have their 4G network operating on the 700mhz-800mhz range.

This 700-800mhz range is currently being used throughout regional Australia for local TV channels. On the Gold Coast our ABC, local 7 and NBN9 for example are all currently located above 700mhz. After the Restack and Retune, the government will then sell these higher frequencies to the phone companies. They will then move the 4G network to these frequencies.

This will, in the long run, make electronics cheaper. Being on the same system as the technologies in the USA and other countries, creating these devices will require less change before being imported. So in summary, it is a good thing that the Restack and Retune is happening, it will make our electronics life easier going forward!

For all enquiries, please contact Us at 1800 588 688 or CLICK HERE to book online