Opportunities to help you advance and grow

Our success is a direct result of the character of our people.

Brocky’s TV Solutions is a stable company and a growing family business where our staff are depended upon and appreciated. As part of this, we ensure that our team members reach their own goals alongside the success of the company’s growth and achievements.

The Brocky’s Group of Companies are built on structure and processes that work. We only hire the most sincere and ethical people to join this team.

Brocky’s TV appreciate people who are:

  • skillful and experienced
  • even-tempered
  • confident
  • gracious
  • competent
  • courteous and polite with good manners

If this sounds like you, if you have the required experience and are looking to finally find a business you can put everything you have into making it succeed; contact us today.


Choose your direction

When expanding, we operate a little different from other companies. While understanding that experience is important, we prefer to focus on the personality of the person joining our team and consider the nature of the individual an asset to our business.

This allows for an open landscape when it comes to planning and designing your career with our company. What we look for is a commitment to the future of our organisation utilising your best skills following a path that you enjoy.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and of equal importance is the happiness of our staff. We can teach technical skills and processes that allow you to do your job well, but Professional Conduct cannot be taught, it’s either there or it is not.

If you have started and gained experience in the Information and Communication Technology Sector without being satisfied at how your career is progressing, make the decision to investigate whether a career with the Brocky’s Group is right for you.

Express your interest by emailing and know that we endeavor to respond to all applications. Brocky’s TV Solutions Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries are equal opportunity employers committed to workplace diversity. 

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